Carpet means one type of thick fabric that is used to cover the surface. These are also used for tables and wall covering. On the market demands, carpets are available carpets are available in various ranges. Carpets are made for multiple uses and multiple locations, are used in households, offices, hotels, functions, occasions, public gatherings, and many more places. Carpets can use for decorating the house, keep warm feet & get rid of the cold in winter days.

  • A fashionable complement to decorate a living room, dining room or bedroom
  • Versatility in color scheme, designs, pattern and size
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean
  • Natural fibers and yarns material add durability and longevity
  • A chic, fresh touch, velvet finish
  • Easily availability and affordability

Types of carpets

  • Woven Carpets,
  • Loop Pile Carpet,
  • Cut Pile Carpet,
  • Cut Loop Pile Carpets,
  • Knotted Pile Weave Carpets,
  • Needlefelt Carpets